COVID-19 School Safety Procedures

Agua Dulce ISD

COVID-19 School Safety Procedures

2020-2021 School Year

 School Entry Protocols:


  1. Temperature checks curbside for all students.
  2. Handwashing for all individuals who enter district facilities.
  3. Visual check of all students for non-fever symptoms (cough, runny nose, etc.)
  4. Students who show symptoms will not be allowed to attend school that day.
  5. Students will not be allowed on campus before 7:30 AM unless an appointment has been scheduled or a school sponsored event is taking place.
  6. After checks are completed, students will go to assigned areas or classrooms.
  7. Visitors entering the buildings will also receive a temperature screen and answer COVID-19 screening questions.

Classroom Protocols:


  1. Desks are separated and tables have barriers so that students do not have direct contact.
  2. No group activities.
  3. Handwashing times will be scheduled for each class.
  4. Frequent use items will be wiped down after each use (computers, calculators, etc.).
  5. Class changes will be staggered, hallways and restrooms will be monitored for student interaction.
  6. Breakfast will be served in the classrooms.

 Lunch Protocols:


  1. 15-minute lunch rotations. 50 students per rotation.  Students will be housed in locations designated by the campus.  Social distancing will be enforced during meal service and consumption.
  2. Supervisors will be assigned by the principals. Supervision will be greatly increased.
  3. At least two lunch periods per campus.

 Closing Protocols:


  1. For extended campus closings, instructional packets will be provided and blended remote instruction be administered by the teachers in accordance with remote instruction plan.
  2. The length of closure will be determined by the health authorities and district administration.


Extra-Curricular Protocols:


  1. Students who do not attend school due to illness, will not be able to attend extra-curricular activities until they are cleared to attend school on campus.
  2. Individuals that choose to do remote home learning will not be able to participate in extra-curricular activities until they resume in campus instruction at each grading period.


Dismissal Protocols:


  1. Student dismissal will be staggered.
  2. Students will not be allowed on campus after 4:15 PM unless an appointment has been scheduled or a school sponsored event is taking place.


Facemasks or shields will be required for each child or staff member over the age of nine.  Children nine and under are not required to wear a mask, but they may if the parent or child would like them to. 

Agua Dulce ISD will be following the district calendar that was approved by the Agua Dulce ISD Board of Trustees on June 8, 2020. The first day of instruction for students is August 18, 2020 using remote instruction.  On campus instruction begins on September 8, 2020 with a remote option.  If parents choose the remote option after September 8, 2020, their child must remain on remote instruction until the nine weeks grading period has ended.  After that date, they can return at either the progress report date or the report card date for the remainder of the year.

These protocols may be amended at any time due to changes in governmental directives, emergencies or other unforeseen events.