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Classroom Help

English Helpers:

MLA: Owl Purdue Writing Lab

Clauses Vclip

The Crucible: Text Online LInk

The Crucible Vocabulary Act 1

The Crucible Vocabulary Act 2 

The Crucible Vocabulary Act 3

The Crucible Vocabulary Act 4

The Crucible: Audio (Listen Online( Links for Act 1 - 4

Outside Links for Crucible Study Help

Comma Splices - Information

Romanticism VClip Intro 1 

Romanticism VClip 2 Intermediate

Romanticism VClip 3 Advanced

Hawthorne VClip 1

Puritans, VClip Intro 1

Puritans, VClip 2 Info

Intro: Contextual Start - Scarlet Letter

Scarlet Letter: Introduction: Custom House

Test Review: Custom House

Quiz: Link for SC

Scarlet Letter: Audio Link

Scarlet Letter: VClip 1 - analysis 

Irony - Scarlet Letter VClip

Chapter 1-10 - Romance of a Christmas Card

Legend of Sleepy Hollow Link- Online Book

Romance of a Christmas Card - Chapters 1-10 Questions

Revision Lesson 1

Reasons for Slavery in America Activity



Sentence Correction 1

Sentence Correction 2 

Mary Rowlandson Papers

Literary Elements

Reading Strategy - Analysis

Reading Strategy p. 34

Compare and Contrast Links

Compare and Contrast Article/Handout

Compare and Contrast Article and Outline Link

Compare and Contrast Video Example Link:

VClips for Early America

The Writing Center Link:

Graphic Organizer - Compare/Contrast

Venn Diagram

Plot Page (Graphics)

Poetry Analysis

Common Proof Reading Helps

The Editing and Writing Process With Checklist:

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Puncuation Lab Quiz Helper

Grammer Pre TEST

Grammar Helpers

More Revision Helpers

Word Learning (Vocabulary) Helpers for High School

Writing Essays with a Chart or Map

Links for Essay Helps and Tips

Grammar All Topics Review 


Intro: Persuasive Arguments

Persuasive Elements Argumant: 

Science of Persuasion

Overview:  Writing A Persuasive

Writing the Argument

Writing Introductions - Grab Your Audience

What Not to Do in an Introduction 


Using Citations Effectively

Choosing Quotations

Persuasive Writing Essay - Overview

Persuasive Outlines

Expository Essay Examples

English 3

English 1 and 2 EOC Idea Links for:

Short Answer Responses (A How to)

What is Metacognition?

Metacognition:  A College Viewpoint

Blooms Pyramid Questions:



Biology EOC Review pages 

US History EOC Review pages